The following labyrinths are currently in stock and ready for immediate delivery. Custom-made labyrinths and in-stock labyrinths cost the same; only the delivery time is different. Custom labyrinths generally take a number of weeks, whereas ones in stock can be sent quickly. There are a few items listed here which reflect a discount from the normal prices, for reasons that are specified. The ones listed here as "drawn only" can also be painted your choice of color. The cost would be the same as indicated in the main product price list. (For more information, see CANVAS LABYRINTHS.)

The prices below include a shipping/storage container and ground transportation by UPS or Federal Express. The links are to the order page for the same items so you can look up some of the details or alternatives available by custom ordering. All of our labyrinths are guaranteed to be as described. If you don't like it, send it back for a full refund (within 14 days of receipt).

To order: Use the standard order form or just send us an email with your credit card information (Visa or MasterCard), name, shipping address, telephone numbers and email.


Available for immediate shipment!

From time to time we have a used labyrinth or a "second" (with a corrected mistake, or a paint smudge or defect in the fabric) for sale. They tend to do in a hurry. If you want to be on a wait list to be contacted when something becomes available, contact Judy Hopen: or call: (314) 922-5839 or (314) 865-1988.


Available for immediate shipment!

Canvas, Fine Art Labyrinth with roses, 12 feet, $1,950.
Fabulous one-of-a-kind rose-filled creation by our guest artist Meryl Ann Butler. See: the Flowering of Love Labyrinth. Learn about our guest artists. Learn about our own artists.

If we don't have what you would like in stock, we will be happy to custom-make a labyrinth for you.


Our stock changes so frequently that we can't keep the website up to date. So, best to call Judy Hopen, to see what is available at the moment: 314-865-1988 or 314-922-5839.


We can provide you with blank canvas, hemmed and ready to make into a labyrinth. We also offer all of our patterns "drawn-only," so that the lines are there for you to paint yourself. For drawn-only prices, see the table in the canvas section. Or see the information on blank canvas.