The Chartres Essence is a round, 7-circuit labyrinth with elements resembling the Chartres labyrinth. Typically, it is 24 feet in diameter. The lunations of the Chartres labyrinth form a lunar calendar, sufficient for determining the date for Easter (the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox). The full Chartres labyrinth has 112 lunations, being four lunar months of 28. The Chartres essence, like our Petite Chartres design, has 84 lunations, being three lunar months. Hence, the symbolism is

The biggest drawback for a smaller labyrinth is not the size of the paths, but rather, the small size of the center, which accommodates few people. To remedy this, the Chartres Essence has a center the same size as a full Chartres pattern, almost one-third of the diameter. This proportion allows it to serve a larger number of people at the same time. The entrance is also the most like the full Chartres, simply having one turn in each quadrant rather than a pair of turns.

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